Artificial Acrylic Nail Art 2011

    Artificial Acrylic Nail Art 2011
    Beautiful nails is a desired enhancement to feminine beauty, but many ladies may have trouble reaching them. If nature did not bless you with wonderfully strong, healthy nails, you can still enjoy the glamorous look that long and painted nails can give you. All you have to do is apply strong and durable acrylic nails over your own nails.

    You can find a service to the application of acrylic nails in nail salons. It is an expensive option. It's not as expensive for you to apply acrylic nails it. Following instructions and practice, you can apply acrylic nails with the same care and great results you can get from a professional nail.
    As for supplies, have non-acetone nail polish remover, artificial nail tips, acrylic liquid, acrylic powder and clove oil. Your team should include a nail brush, nail files, nail filing block, acrylic clamp, small acrylic brush work and a plate for the liquid acrylic. Choose acrylic nail tips that are the same size as your own nails or you have to file the nails down.
    Give your nails a manicure. Smooth rough edges and remove dead skin. Use a non-acetone polish remover to remove nail polish and acrylic nails. Use the filing block to scrape the surface of the nails. Cut the nails to the portion of the skin. Do not injure yourself. To prevent the nail from breaking if the acrylic nail tip is broken.
    Align your tips acrylic nails so you can reach them easily when you are ready to put a dab of glue on the tip. The fall line should come from the bottom of the nail to the part where the edge of the nail will fit in You can remove a bent nail acrylic immediate immersion in water.
    Use tongs or acrylic nail clippers to trim large pin to the desired length. Use the nail file to remove rough edges and to match the length of your nail tips. Use the acrylic liquid in a well ventilated area. You will paint the liquid acrylic nails so the beds will be smooth, without bumps on the edge of the tips of acrylic nails in the nail rests.
    To dip the brush into the acrylic liquid acrylic and then the acrylic powder will create a ball of thickened acrylic on your brush. Paint acrylic on the nail so you can create a smooth finish for tips acrylic nails.
    Have the acrylic powder container open. Prepare the acrylic brush by dipping the brush into the acrylic liquid and then wipe with a paper towel to remove excess liquid. Then the slight fall in the middle of the brush into the acrylic liquid and then remove excess rubbing against the inside of the bottle of acrylic liquid.
    You are ready to dip the tip of the brush into the acrylic powder. When you do, you will create a ball of thickened acrylic. It should be moist rather than wet. Thick acrylic paint, where is the tip of the acrylic nail is spot on. Work quickly to spread the acrylic onto the nail surface without flattening the acrylic. Wipe the brush on paper towel to remove any excess acrylic.
    Keep working until you have built to resemble the curved surface of the nail bed itself. Apply a little on the tip of the nail to create a natural and necessary. Avoid getting acrylic on your cuticles because mold or fungus can grow under the nail there.
    It will take about ten minutes for nails to dry and set. You can safely use an emery grain on the sides of the nails dry and set and close the cuticle bed to shape nails. Use the filing block to smooth the nails. Remove any acrylic filings and dust by washing with soap and water and a brush. Exposure to harsh chemicals requires that moisturizes your nails with nail oil. As the nails grow out, you need to paint over acrylic nails every two weeks.

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Artificial Acrylic Nail Art 2011

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